Wall to Wall Carpet

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Soft On Your Feet And Great At Absorbing Noise

Installing wall-to-wall carpeting is a very good option for your home or office. It absorbs noise (which is great if you live or work in a building) and keeps heat in - something that comes in handy in the long winter months. It is also incredibly safe for young kids and elderly relatives - who are more prone to falling and breaking limbs than everyone else. You would be surprised if you knew just how many broken limbs occur as a result of falls in the home or the workplace. Trust us, your best defence is some carpet! .

Carpet is also wonderfully soft on your feet, compared to other floor coverings i,e, tiles or wood. It is cozy and inviting. No chance of a shock to your bare feet in the morning when they walk into a kitchen and step on on a freezing cold tile! With carpet, you can walk around your living room with your coffee, your feet nestled into the material, feeling very snug. And with the endless materials and styles to choose from, you can really design a room exactly to your own taste.

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Your Wall-to-Wall Carpet Deserves the Best Care

At Brooklyn Steamers, we also offer deep cleaning services to keep your wall-to-wall carpet in great shape. We believe you and your family deserve a clean and safe space in which to live. We also think your carpet deserves the best care possible. That’s why we go deep, removing all kinds of soil and dirt stuck deep in the fibers, as well as dust mites and allergens.

Our technicians are all well-qualified and have years of experience doing what they do. They are both efficient and friendly and we guarantee nothing less than a completely top-level service from the moment they walk through your door to the moment they leave. And if there is any kind of problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a 100% guarantee on every job - we want you to be happy.

For more about the carpet and rug services we offer, call us now to speak to one of our friendly team and receive a free no-obligation quote.